My Gun is not counting made shots accurately

  1. Ensure the wand is hanging on the right side of the rim (facing the rim from the FT line).

Adjust the sensitivity dial on your makes counter (two versions)

On the wand head, there is a hole that provides access to an adjustment screw. The adjustment screw changes the sensitivity of the counter.

Not Counting Makes: If the counter is missing some of the made shots, turn the small screw clockwise to

increase the sensitivity. Move it in small increments at a time and then try it to see if it is working better. It

may take several tries to get the desired results.

Counting Extra Makes: If the machine is counting made shots when no shots were made, then you need to

turn the screw counterclockwise to decrease the counter's sensitivity. Again, only adjust in small

increments until the desired results are achieved.

2. If you have the photo eye wand (shown on the left side above) ensure your net is on your rim correctly. If there are twists made at each eyelet, as seen below, the twisted net will get in the way of the photo eye sensor, making it have issues seeing the ball go through the net. 

If you have a camera counter that is mounted on the back of your machine, please call us at 800-294-4654 and ask for our service department or email 

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